Coins of France 10 Centimes Napoleon Bonaparte Coin.

French Coins Napoleonic 10 Centimes Coin Napoleon
French Coins of the Napoleonic Period
Coins of France 10 Centimes French coins century
 10 Centimes - French coins from the 19th century
Coins of France (1st Empire) 10 Centimes Coin of 1808, Napoleon I.
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Obverse: Royal crown above cipher (N) of Napoleon Bonaparte. All within wreath.

Reverse: Value (10) above denomination (CENT.), privy mark (sheaf of wheath), mint initial (BB) and designer´s signature (Tiolier) below.

Reference: KM-676.3.
Mint Place: Strasbourg (BB)
Diameter: 19 mm, Weight: 2.01 gram,  Billon.