French Napoleon Coins Half Franc or Demi Franc Silver Coin of 1812

French silver coins of Napoleon Bonaparte Franc coin
Coins of Napoleon Bonaparte½ Franc Silver Coin
Coins of France French Demi Franc coin Napoleon Bonaparte
French Demi Franc coin Napoleon Bonaparteera
French Napoleon Coins (1st Empire) Demi Franc - ½ Franc Silver Coin of 1812, Napoleon I.
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Obverse: Laureate bust of Napoleon I right, engraver´s signature (Tiolier) below.

Reverse: Denomination (DEMI FRANC.) in words within wreath.
Legend: EMPIRE FRANCAIS . (cock) 1808. (A)

Mint Place: Paris (A)
Reference: KM-691.1.
Diameter: 18 mm; Weight: 2.47 gram of silver.

    Half Franc ( Fr. Demi franc) - historical French monetary unit, was minted from 1802 to 1845 and 1964-2001 respectively in the form of coins. Coinage of silver coins in half franc started in 1802 ( '11 Republican calendar ) , during the Consulate of Napoleon. Profile portrait of Napoleon Bonaparte was engraved by Pierre Joseph Tiolier.
    Pierre-Joseph Tiolier (1763–1819), born in London, was appointed the engraver-general of the Paris Mint from 1803 to 1816. Tiolier engraved the patterns for the Bonaparte-First Consul coins.
The year of issue is indicated republican calendar year , on the obverse the portrait of Napoleon inscription - " Bonaparte First Consul ." After Napoleon's proclamation as emperor in 1804, the inscription on the obverse was changed to " the Emperor Napoleon ." On the reverse of the year of issue continued to be designated the Republican calendar year remained and the words " Republic of France ." Since 1806 the use of the Republican calendar to denote the year of minting ceased. In 1807, the obverse of the coin has been altered , enlarged portrait of Napoleon , which in the same year he added a laurel wreath. In 1809, the inscription on the reverse was changed to the "French Empire" , this type of coinage continued until 1814. In 1816 , during the reign of Louis XVIII, the type of coin has changed. Picture of the new coin fulfilled Auguste -François Michaud . Denomination was designated not by words , as under Napoleon (Demi franc), and numbers ( 1/2 franc). When Charles X coinage of this type has been continued , changed only obverse ( portrait of the king and the legend ) .In 1831 started coinage of King Louis - Philippe. Picture of the new coins fulfilled Joseph- Francois Domar . In 1845, the coinage of half franc coins was discontinued in the same year began minting coins of 50 centimes.
In January, 1960, was a monetary reform , introduced a "new franc ", which is 100 old. Initially, in the years 1962-1964 , was produced in the 50 centimes coin type " Marianne ".
In 1964 and 1965 proof coins were minted in half franc, and in 1965 half franc were again put into circulation . For the new coin type was chosen " Sower ", made a drawing of Oscar Roty and previously used on French coins from 1897 to 1920 . Half Franc coin "Sower" type was minted up to 2001.