French Gold 20 Francs Coin 1850 Ceres Head

French Gold 20 Francs Coin 1850 Ceres20 Franc Piece of the French Republic 1850
French Gold 20 Francs Coin 1850 Ceres Head

20 Franc Piece of the Republic.
Obverse : Head of Ceres facing to the right ; at the left of the head : fasces ; at the right: an olive branch. Legend: "REPUBLIQUE FRANQAISE." The coins minted during the Republic of 1848-1852 are distinguishable from those of 1830-1831, that above the head of Ceres and between the words " REPUBLIQUE FRANCAISE," in the former, there is a prominent star.
Reverse : " 20 FRANCS " immediately beneath the date of year of issue, the whole in three distinct lines, surrounded by a heavy laurel wreath. Legend : " LIBERTE EGALITE FRATERNITE." On the outer edge : " DIEU PROTEGE LA FRANCE" (God protects France). Weight: 99.561 grains. Fineness: 900.

French Coins: The Ceres Family
The head of Ceres with "Concord" head band. Designed by Eugene Andre Oudine (1810-1889) who worked for the Paris Mint.
The Cérès, as the name suggests, displays the head of Ceres on its obverse, the Roman Goddess of agriculture, harvests and fertility and a symbol of the Republic.  She is represented from her right profile, wearing an earring, a pearl necklace and a braided chignon in her hair attached with a ribbon and in which seeds, acorns and oak leaves are placed.  This face is framed by fasces lictoriae featuring the hand of Justice on the left, behind the nape of the neck, and a laurel branch on the right, under the chin.  A 6-sided star is above her head.  The title is “Republique Française” (French Republic).

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