1998-S Silver Matte Proof Kennedy Half Dollar

1998 Kennedy Half Dollar1998-S Silver Matte Proof Kennedy Half Dollar

1998-S Silver Matte Proof Kennedy Half Dollar

During 1998, the United States Mint offered the Kennedy Collector’s Set, which contained the low mintage 1998-S Matte Proof Kennedy Half Dollar. The set was the only source for collectors to obtain this special issue and it was only available to order during a six week period.
  The Kennedy Collector’s Set was produced as an extra special tribute to Robert F. Kennedy, who was being honored within a commemorative coin program. Each set included the uncirculated version of the 1998 Robert F. Kennedy Silver Dollar and a 90% silver Kennedy Half Dollar struck with a special finish.
  The so called “matte finish” used for the half dollar required two extra steps in the minting process. The face of the coinage dies were sandblasted with a mixture of glass beads and aluminum oxide and the a hard chrome plate was added for hardness and lubricity. The resulting coins had a uniform finely frosted texture, similar to an uncirculated commemorative coin issue.
  Because the matte proof Kennedy Half Dollar was only offered within the set, it had a low mintage of about 62,000 coins. The Kennedy Collector’s Set was originally priced at $59.95, but today the half dollar is valued at multiples of the original issue price and is considered to be one of the key date coins of the series. Most examples will be encountered in pristine uncirculated grades due to the special minting and handling procedures. Many coins have been encapsulated and graded by PCGS or NGC in top grades of MS70 or SP70.

1998 Kennedy Half Dollar
The 1998 Kennedy Half Dollar saw mintages decline for the circulation strike versions produced at the Philadelphia and Denver Mints. Each saw mintages of around 15 million coins, compared to around 20 million for the prior year.
  In addition to the clad proof and 90% silver proof versions, a special collector version of the coin was also available this year. The 1998 Matte Proof Kennedy Half Dollar was included in a the Kennedy Collector’s Set issued for the commemorative coin program honoring Robert F. Kennedy. Due to the limited number of sets sold, the matte proof coin has a low mintage and is considered one of the modern keys of the series.

1998 Kennedy Half Dollar Mintage and Specifications
Circulation Mintage: 15,646,000 (Philadelphia), 15,064,000 (Denver)
Proof Mintage: 2,086,507 (copper-nickel), 878,792 (silver proof)
Mint Marks: P (Philadelphia), D (Denver), S (San Francisco)
Composition: 91.67% copper, 8.33% nickel (standard) / 90% silver, 10% copper (silver proof)
Weight: 11.34 grams (standard) / 12.50 grams (silver proof)
Diameter: 30.61 mm

1990-1999 Kennedy Half Dollars
The Kennedy Half Dollar series saw collectible offerings expand during the years 1990 to 1999. After many years of a standard proof version and two issues struck for circulation, a third annual release was added to the mix. Additionally, a one-time special issue was offered as part of a commemorative coin set.
  Starting in 1992, the US Mint began issuing a Silver Proof Set. These sets included the half dollar, quarter, and dime struck in a composition of 90% silver and 10% copper. The offering was met with success and continued to be issued for each subsequent year, creating a new regular issue for each coin series. Some of the 90% Silver Proof Kennedy Half Dollars issued during the mid-1990’s had very low mintages which result in high premiums.
  In 1998, the US Mint issued commemorative coins to honor Robert F. Kennedy. A special set was issued which included the commemorative coin paired with the half dollar featuring John F. Kennedy. The half dollar was produced using a special matte proof finish. Because of the small number of sets issued, this has become a valuable collector coin.

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