British Coins Farthing 1831 King William IV

British Coins Farthing 1831 King William IVBritish Coins Farthing 1831 Britannia

British Coins Farthing 1831 King William IV
William IV Farthing 1831-1837

Obverse: Bust of King William IV "GULIELMUS IIII DEI GRATIA" (William IV by the Grace of God) with the date 1831 below the bust. The dies for these coins were engraved by William Wyon, whose initials are sunk on the truncation of the bust.

Reverse: The figure of Britannia, helmeted, and seated upon a rock, her right hand resting upon a shield, and holding in her left the Trident. Legend: "BRITANNIAR: REX FID: DEF:" (King of The British territories, Defender of the Faith) Exergue: A rose, thistle and shamrock intertwined, instead of a date, with edge plain.

Farthing Details:
Country: United Kingdom
Years: 1831-1837
Value: 1 Farthing
Metal: Copper
Weight: 4.7 g
Diameter: 21.7 mm
Thickness: 1.7 mm
Shape: Round
Demonetized: 12-31-1869
References: KM# 705, Sp# 3848

British Coins 1830-1837 King William IV

British Farthing 1831 King William IV

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