British Coins One Penny 1826 King George IV

British Coins One Penny 1826 King George IVBritish Coins One Penny 1826 Britannia

British Coins One Penny 1826 King George IV
Penny 1825-1827 George IV

Obverse: Laureated and draped bust of King George IV "GEORGIUS IIII DEI GRATIA" (George IV by the Grace of God) with the date 1826 below the bust.

Reverse: The figure of Britannia, helmeted, and seated upon a rock, her right hand resting upon a shield, and holding in her left the Trident. Legend: "BRITANNIAR: REX FID: DEF:" (King of The British territories, Defender of the Faith) Exergue: A rose, thistle and shamrock intertwined, instead of a date, with edge plain.
Obverse and reverse bust designed by William Wyon.

Country:   United Kingdom.
Years:  1825-1827.
Value:  1 Penny.
Metal:  Copper.
Weight:  18 g.
Diameter:   34 mm.
Thickness: 1.8 mm.
Shape:  Round.
Demonetized: 08-31-1971.
References: KM# 693, Sp# 3823.

There were three different reverse varieties for 1826. One without a centre line in the saltire. One with a thin raised line and the third with a thick raised line.
The 1827 Pennies are rare especially in higher grades because they were issued for use in Australia, and a lot were damaged by environmental issues like the sea journey over there by ship.

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British One Penny 1826 King George IV

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