British India Coinage one Rupee Silver Coin of 1877, Crowned bust of Queen Victoria "Gothic head", Alwar State.

British India coin Rupee Queen Victoria
British India - Queen Victoria - one Rupee silver coin
British India Rupee silver colonial coin
British India Rupee silver coin
Indian one Rupee Silver Coin, Alwar State, mint date 1877.

 Queen Victoria wear the Imperial State Crown. This is the image of the young Victoria, 1847. It is referred to as the "gothic head".
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Obverse: Crowned bust of Queen Victoria left, wearing pearl-necklace and Indian dress.

Reverse: Legend in three lines (titles of Raja Mangal Singh in Persian script) above date (1877). Sprays at sides.

Reference: KM-45.
Mint Place: Rajgarh
Mintage: 200,000 pcs.
Weight: 11.59 gram of Sterling Silver (.925)
Diameter: 36 mm

Maharaja Mangal Singh Prabhankar was the 6th Maharaja of Alwar (1874/1892) born 1859, adopted from Thikana Thana, installed upon the gaddi on 14th December 1874, in preference to Kunwar Lakhdir Singh of Bijwar, Maharaja [cr.1889], G.C.S.I., married (amongst others), (a) 1877, the second daughter of Maharaja Prithvi Singhji of Kishangarh, married (b), 1878, a daughter of Raja Bhairon Singhji of Ratlam, and had issue. He died 23rd May 1892 in Nainital due to alcoholic poisoning.

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