Coins of British India one Rupee Silver Coin of 1840, young bust of Queen Victoria.

British India Coinage Coins of Young Queen Victoria, Indian rupee silver coin
British India Coinage - Coins of Queen Victoria, Young Bust.
Indian coins collection one rupee silver coin
One Rupee coin issued by the East India Company, 1840.
British India coins, East India Company - one Rupee  Silver Coin of 1840, Young bust of Queen Victoria.

Obverse: Young bust of Queen Victoria left.

Reverse: Denomination (ONE RUPEE) within wreath. Small diamonds below inscription, 19 berries in wreath.
Legend: EAST INDIA COMPANY * 1840 *

Mint Place: Bombay
Reference: KM-457.8. (20 berries on wreath and small diamonds below Persian value)
Weight: 11.57 gram of Sterling Silver (.925); Diameter: 31 mm.