British India Madras Presidency Gold Mohur Coin 1819

Ashrafi Mohur Gold Coin British East India Company coinsBritish India Gold Mohur Coin 1819
British India Madras Presidency Gold Mohur Coin 1819
Ashrafi or Mohur (Muhr), Issued by East India Company, Madras Presidency, India, 1819 Minted by Madras Mint

Obverse: Lions supporting coat of arms of the East India Company; Large letters in legend: ENGLISH EAST INDIA COMPANY; Banner with motto and date below.
Banner: AUSP : REGIS & SENAT ANGLIAE: ("Under the auspices of the king and senate of England!")
Reverse: Legend in Persian (translation: Ashrafi of the Honourable English Company)

The East India Company obtained permission to strike Arkat style rupees from the Subah of Arkat (Arcot) in 1742. The first actual production was in 1759 in the name of Alamgir II and bear the Hegira date 1172 with the regnal year 6. Machine struck gold rupees (valued at 15 silver rupees) were produced in 1817 with the same designs on obverse and reverse as the silver. Those coins were replaced in 1819 by this type, having the same standard and weight, but bearing the Company arms, because the use of the same designs on silver and gold coins of about the same size had led to the silver pieces being gilded and passed as gold.

Dimensions: 28 mm
Weight: 11.66 g

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