British Gold Sovereign Gold Coin of 1890, Queen Victoria.

British Sovereign invest Gold Bullion Coin Queen Victoria
 British Gold Sovereign, Queen Victoria 
Collection of Queen Victoria Gold Sovereigns gold bullion coins
Gold Sovereign
British Gold Sovereign Gold Coin of 1890, Queen Victoria.

Obverse: Crowned "Jubilee" head of Queen Victoria left. Engraver´s initials (I.E.B.) inside arm truncation.
Legend: VICTORIA D : G : BRITTR : REG : F : D :

Reverse: Saint George slaying a dragon, horse with long tail, date in exergue.
Exergue: 1890 / B. P.

Mint Place: London - Royal mint.
Reference: Schlumberger 392, Friedberg 20, KM-767.
Diameter: 22 mm., Weight: 7.97 gram of  Gold (.917) .2354 oz AGW

The Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom was celebrated on 20 June 1887. Victoria marked the fiftieth anniversary of her accession on 20 June 1887 with a banquet to which 50 European kings and princes were invited.

Jubilee Head of Queen Victoria
  For Queen Victoria's golden jubilee year of 1887, a new design was produced for all gold and silver coins, showing Victoria wearing a small coronet. Although the jubilee head coin issues are now very popular, they were much criticised at the time. Jubilee sovereigns were struck from 1887 to 1893 inclusive. For the year 1887, three different designs of sovereign were issued, young head shield, young head St. George, and jubilee head. The reverse design is the famous St. George and the Dragon, by renowned Italian engraver Benedetto Pistrucci.
Minted by the master craftsmen of the Royal Mint, the sovereigns of Queen Victoria's reign are arguably some of their greatest ever coins, demonstrating the tremendous level of skill that has always distinguished British coins from the rest.

British Sovereigns are perhaps the most recognized gold bullion coins in the world.
British Sovereigns called “the most trusted coins in the world,” British Sovereigns were included in the survival kits of American pilots during both World War II and Desert Storm.