Japan 10 Yen Gold coin 1871, Meiji 4

Japanese Gold Coins 10 Yen Meiji

Japanese 10 Yen Gold Coin
Japan 10 Yen Gold coin, Meiji 4, 1871
The 10 yen coin was first minted by the Empire of Japan in 1871. New issues were later made in 1897 and eventually into the time of the Occupation of Japan and modern-day Japan during 1951. The coin designs have not changed since 1951 and still remain issued, but production of the coins halted in 2009.

First 10 yen coin
During 1871, the Empire of Japan issued the first 10 yen coin. Like all the other coins with values of 1 yen or higher, the first 10 yen coin was composed of .900 fine gold. It had a mass of 16.667 grams and a diameter of 28 millimeters. Displayed on the obverse was a chrysanthemum flower surrounded by a wreath and two crossing banners. Above this was the Imperial Seal of Japan and below was the Paulownia Crest. Shown on the reverse was a Japanese dragon with the value below (written as 圓十), the issuing authority (本日大) to the left, and the year of minting in Meiji to the right. They were minted until 1892 and later demonetized.
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