British Coins One Crown 1965 Sir Winston Churchill

British Coins One Crown 1965 Sir Winston ChurchillBritish Coins One Crown 1965 Queen Elizabeth II

British Coins One Crown 1965 Sir Winston Churchill
Commemorative issue: Death of Sir Winston Churchill

  The Churchill commemorative crown coin was issued by the Royal Mint on March 16th 1965 to commemorate the life of Sir Winston Churchill, only seven weeks following the death of Sir Winston Churchill.
  The "Churchill crown" was the first coin in English history to feature the portrait of a personality who was not a member of the royal family. The 5-shilling commemorative coin was released in 1965 on the death of Sir Winston Churchill and displays his portrait on the reverse. As minister of defence and prime minister, this great statesman rendered outstanding services to his country during the Second World War.

Obverse: The first young laureate bust of Queen Elizabeth II facing right, designed by Mary Gillick.
Translation: Elizabeth the Second by the Grace of God Queen Defender of the Faith.
Engraver: Mary Gillick.

Reverse: A sombre-looking portrait of Sir Winston Churchill, in a 'Siren Suit' facing right, which was taken from the bronze statue by Churchill’s favourite sculptor, Oscar Nemon.
 Lettering: CHURCHILL.
Edge: Milled.

Country:         United Kingdom.
Year:              1965.
Value:            1 Crown - 5-shilling coin.
Metal:             Copper-nickel.
Weight:          28.28 g.
Diameter:       38.5 mm.
Thickness:      3 mm.
Shape:            Round.
Mint:                The Royal Mint.
Mintage:          9,640,000.
Demonetized: 02-15-1971.
References:   KM# 910, Sp# 4144.

The Churchill crown is one of the most famous British coins of the 20th century. It was also the first crown since 1902 which did not bear a denomination.

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British Coins One Crown 1965 Sir Winston Churchill