Japan 10 Yen Gold coin 1897, Meiji 30

Japanese Gold Coins 10 Yen

Gold Coins of Japan 10 Yen
Japan 10 Yen Gold coin, Meiji 30, 1897
The 10 yen coin was first minted by the Empire of Japan in 1871. New issues were later made in 1897 and eventually into the time of the Occupation of Japan and modern-day Japan during 1951. The coin designs have not changed since 1951 and still remain issued, but production of the coins halted in 2009.

The second 10 yen coin.
During 1897, a new 10 yen coin was issued. Once again, it was composed of .900 fine gold. However, significant changes were made to the new issue. The mass of the coin was reduced to half of its original, having been 8.333 grams, and the diameter was lowered to 21.21 millimeters. On the obverse was an image of a chrysanthemum with the issuing authority below it, the year of minting in Meiji to the left, and the value (inscribed as 圓十) to the right. Shown on the obverse was the value again, circled by a wreath and the Imperial Seal of Japan. Production of these coins ended in 1910, and they were later demonetized. A mintage of 20,254,416 coins were produced.
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