Japanese 1 sen coin 1874, Meiji 7

Japanese 1 sen coin Meiji

Japan 1 sen coin Meiji
Japanese 1 sen coin, Meiji 7, 1874

The 1 sen coin was first minted by the Empire of Japan in 1873.

Obverse: Square scales on dragon's body within beaded circle
Reverse: Value above sprays, chrysanthemum above

Ruler: Mutsuhito
Composition: Copper
Weight: 7.1300g
Diameter: 27.9mm

During 1873, the Empire of Japan issued the first 1 sen coin along with the 1 rin, ½, and 2 sen coins. This coin was composed mainly of copper. It had a mass of 7.13 grams and a diameter of 27.9 millimeters. Displayed on its obverse was a Japanese dragon along with the value, year of minting, and issuing authority (本日大) of the coin. On its reverse, the value was displayed (as 一銭) surrounded by branches at its sides, the Imperial Seal above, and the text, "圓一換 枚百以". The minting of these coins eventually ended in 1888.
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