Sarah Polk 2009 10 Dollars First Spouse Gold Coins

US Gold Coins Sarah Polk First Spouse 10 Dollars Gold CoinUnited States Gold Coins Sarah Polk First Spouse 10 Dollars Gold Coin

US Gold Coins Sarah Polk First Spouse $10 Dollars Gold Coin
First Lady of the United States, 1845–1849

On the obverse of the Sarah Polk Gold Coin is her portrait, as designed and sculpted by Phebe Hemphill. The surrounding inscriptions include her name “Sarah Polk”, the motto “In God We Trust”, “Liberty”, the order of the Presidency “11th”, the years of the term “1845-1849″, and the date and mint mark “2009 W”.

   Sarah Childress Polk (September 4, 1803 – August 14, 1891) was the wife of the 11th President of the United States, James Polk, serving as First Lady of the United States from 1845 to 1849.
   Sarah Childress Polk received an education traditionally available only to the most privileged young women of her time. When she was 14, Sarah and her sister undertook a month-long, 500-mile journey on horseback from Tennessee to North Carolina to attend the Moravian Female Academy, one of the best girls' schools in the country.  Her studies went well beyond the traditional education young girls received to include Greek and Roman literature and world history.  These academic pursuits provided her with a worldview that enhanced her political discussions.
   Sarah devoted her married life to husband James K. Polk's political career, organizing his campaigns, writing speeches, handling his correspondence and developing a network of valuable political friendships.  She read major newspapers and magazines, and marked articles she felt most important, leaving them on a chair outside the President's office for him to read.
   As First Lady, Sarah Polk instituted many changes in the White House.  She and her husband opened the White House twice a week to all visitors for evening receptions and personally greeted those who attended.  In the summer, the Marine Corps Band played once a week on the lawn for visitors.  She also oversaw the refurbishment of the White House, including the installation of gas lighting.

The reverse carries a fitting scene of Sarah Polk working in her capacity as her husband’s private secretary during his presidency. She has been the only First Lady to serve in this capacity. Within the series, this represents one of a handful of issues where the President and Spouse are pictured together. The reverse was also designed and sculpted by Hemphill and carries inscriptions “United States of America”, “E Pluribus Unum”, “$10″, and”1/2 oz. .9999 Fine Gold”.

Coin Specifications and Mintages
Date: 2009
Mint: West Point (W)
Mintage: 5,151 (proof), 3,489 (uncirculated)
Designers: Phebe Hemphill
Composition: 0.9999 Gold
Weight: 0.5000 troy oz. (15.554 g)
Diameter: 1.041 inches (26.49 mm)
Thickness: 0.074 inches (1.88 mm)

   The Sarah Polk First Spouse Gold Coin was be the twelfth release of the 24 karat gold series created to honor the spouses of the Presidents. It represented the fourth out of five releases for 2009. Typically the release schedule for the series included four issues per year, however two exceptions exist for situations where a President had a first and second wife.
   Sales of the Sarah Polk First Spouse Gold coins began at the United States Mint on September 3, 2009. The coins were offered in proof version at an initial price of $654 and in uncirculated at $641. During the period of availability, prices were adjusted on numerous occasions in response to changes in the underlying price of gold. An ordering limit of ten coins per household was initially in place, but later removed.
   The coins remained available for sale for approximately one year, reaching an overall mintage of 8,640 coins. This was made up of 3,489 of the uncirculated version and 5,151 proofs. The overall sales level was above the prior two issues honoring Letitia and Julia Tyler.

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